Susaadhya Greens – It’s safe, not just fresh

Susaadhya Greens started with the intention of filling every plate with harmful pesticide-residual free food. For the gift of food that Mother Nature endows on us, we wish to give something back through our ecologically sensitive farming practices. Through Susaadhya Greens, you can be assured of getting wholesome goodness right at your doorstep.

We firmly believe in the principles of sustainable farming. Through Integrated Pest Management, we identify the harmful pests in the initial stages itself. Not all pests are harmful, and we destroy only those which are to preserve the wildlife. By ensuring crop diversity and crop rotation, we ensure that the soil’s fertility is preserved and it can provide higher yields to match the growing requirements. 

To meet the everlasting demand sustainably, Susaadhya Greens identifies the farmers that can grow high-quality pesticide-residual free products and trains them accordingly to achieve the motive. Collaboratively, we hold access to over 600 acres of land for fruit and vegetable production. We work together with hardworking farmers to ensure that the distribution side of the supply chain functions at its best capacity and both the farmers and customers can reap the benefits.

Even when the demand surpasses the supply, we can secure the same through external sources. Our platform demarcates the in-house and external produce with green and yellow colours, respectively. The care that we take at every single stage finally reflects in the impeccable quality of even the external produce.

So, what’s holding you back? Susaadhya Greens prides itself on using over 90% fewer pesticides than its counterparts. Switch to Susaadhya, switch to a healthy lifestyle!

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A top clean label


From 18 hours of harvest


Fresh from Farm


Pesticide Residue Free

Our Vision

Susaadhya Greens believes that access to residual-free food is a fundamental human right and should be respected as such. We hope to spark a revolution by returning everyone to a time when food wasn't tainted with toxins. Get your daily dose of Susadhaya Greens and maximise your health and happiness.

Our Mission

Susaadhya Greens' mission is to provide superior service as a provider of fresh fruit and vegetables of the highest quality and safety standards, grown in an environment that values people and the planet. We accomplish this through our careful, passionate, and dedicated actions.

Our Values

From the start, our goal has been to encourage others through our environmentally responsible ideas and creative methods of production, not merely to provide them with food. Maintaining the greatest standards of quality and using only the best resources, we have created a community where everyone can live in peace and harmony.