Is the produce organic?

The produce is free from all harmful pesticides and chemicals. We are proud of using over 90% lesser pesticides than conventional farming.

Are all the products free from pesticide residues?

Since Susaadhya Greens is still growing, we have both the sources of procurement – external and internal. The products that have been marked in green are produced in-house, and we can guarantee that they are free from harmful pesticide residues. However, the products that have been marked in red are procured externally. Yet, with a robust quality check process in place, we can assure you that you will get only the best quality products.

Do you deliver all over Hyderabad?

In future, we plan to expand and deliver all over Hyderabad as we believe that harmful pesticide residue-free food is a birth right and should be treated as such. For now, we have limited our operations to certain places, listed in the drop-down menu below.

How long does the order take to be delivered?

Our adept delivery agents will deliver your order the very next day if you place it before 2 pm. With Susaadhya Greens, you will receive wholesome goodness right at your doorstep, ensuring minimal contamination and maximum safety.

What is the mode of payment?

The mode of payment will be Cash on Delivery.

How can I stay updated with discounts, concessions and seasonal offers?

Once you enter our platform, you will see the discounts and offers right on the home page. Keep a tab to stay updated! 

Will I receive any compensation if my delivery is delayed?

The times are tough for each one of us. We aim to accomplish our deliveries by the earliest, but there might be some glitches. We expect you to understand our predicament, and we appreciate your concern too. However, if the delivery is delayed for an extraordinary period, apt compensation will be provided.

If I receive faulty products, would a prompt exchange or refund be provided?

At Susaadhya Greens, we try to provide the highest quality of fruits and vegetables right at your doorstep. Our rigorous quality check process ensures that our customers are satisfied and healthy. Yet, if the products do not meet your expectations, we will provide prompt return services and refund the entire amount.

How can I reach out to you?

Whether you want to praise our services or provide constructive criticism, we look forward to hearing from you. You can reach us here – (provide a link to the contact us page).

Can I be assured of the quality of food items procured from external sources?

Absolutely! We identify the farmers who are willing and able to produce the highest quality of fruits and vegetables without using harmful pesticides. After providing them proper training, we issue apt compensation and deliver their products to your doorstep. During this process, the fruits and vegetables go through a stringent quality check process. 

How can I cancel or modify my order?

Our easily navigable platform will let you cancel or modify your order to your preference. In case of any further assistance, feel free to reach out to us.